Drain Cleaning Services & Drain Repair in Long Beach, CA

Drain Repair in Long Beach, CA

Drain repair in Long Beach, CA is a must for those who have a french drain that’s not working the way it should. A french drain is a trench fitted with perforated pipes to drain excess water away from a place in your lawn that doesn’t drain well. It’s covered with gravel or ballast and maybe a screen.

If it’s not working properly, excess water can end up in your basement or under your foundation. A basement that’s always damp is a perfect environment for mold. Mold can negatively impact the health of the people and pets who live in your home.

Depending on what it’s made of, water around the foundation can damage it. Drain cleaning in Long Beach, CA is essential to making sure that you don’t have drain clogs resulting in stopped or slowing drains, as well as tree roots growing into your drains. With our extensive drain pipe repair services, you can be sure that water flows freely on any type of drain.

These issues include:

  • Standing water in yard
  • Wet or constantly damp basement
  • Buildup of water around drainpipes
  • Mud or roots in drain
  • Wet spots around foundation

Sometimes, all a french drain needs is for a plumber to clean it out using a snake, garden hose, or pressure washer. Other times, the problem is more severe than a mere clog. Plumbers will then need to repair or even replace the drain itself.

They’ll first locate the drain and dig it out. They’ll then replace it with a perforated pipe to ensure water sinks into the ground and doesn’t swamp the pipe. Finally, they’ll cover it up again with gravel or rocks. In some cases, they may add a catch basin that can extend the lifespan of the french drain.

More Than Just Surface Work: Comprehensive Drain Repair

At Beach Plumbing, we understand that when it comes to plumbing problems, especially concerning drains, the issues often run deeper than what meets the eye. It’s not just about the aesthetic look of your drain; it’s about the health and efficiency of the entire system.

Whether it’s your kitchen sink that’s been slowing down or shower drains that are stubbornly clogged, we ensure that every aspect of the drain lines is addressed.

Dive Deep into Drain Issues

Many homeowners might opt for a simple drain cleaner to solve their woes, but these solutions can sometimes only scratch the surface. If there’s an obstruction, whether it’s an accumulation of toilet paper, a clump of hair, or intrusive tree roots, our Long Beach drain cleaning process will tackle it.

From the gentle yet effective method of hydro jetting to the classic drain snake approach, our team ensures that water flow is restored to its optimal state.

Moreover, if PVC pipes or any other component of the drain system is compromised, it’s not just a plumbing emergency – it’s a challenge we’re ready to meet. Repairing or replacing damaged sections ensures that you’re not just getting a temporary fix, but a long-term solution.

Service Beyond Cleaning

Your sink drain might seem like a small component, but when it starts to show signs of wear or blockage, it can escalate to bigger plumbing problems. Beyond cleaning, we’re equipped to handle the hardware side of things.

Our plumbing service doesn’t stop at making sure your drains are clear. We also ensure that the hardware, from pipes to connectors, is in top-notch condition. After all, ensuring the durability and efficiency of the entire system is what makes us a trusted name in drain pipe repair.

A Sterling Reputation


Edwin was the best! Our bath tub was draining slowly and we thought it was clogged. Turned out our stopper was a little stuck partially closed which he fixed super fast and didn't even charge! We will use Beach Plumbing in the future and always ask for Edwin!
Sophia and Kyle Rice
Sophia and Kyle Rice
18:44 17 Nov 23
We had a drain back up and Beach Plumbing came out same day. They show great professionalism and respect to their clients and their pricing is reasonable. We will continue to use them for all of our plumbing needs.
Haley Nacca
Haley Nacca
21:06 24 Oct 23
We have had a lot of work done by Beach Plumbing over the last few years, some quite major. Their work has been professional, timely and thorough. We definitely would recommend them for plumbing work, particularly with drains and sewer issues.Stan Castle
Stan & Linda Castle
Stan & Linda Castle
22:34 06 Oct 23
The Technician, Robert, was very thorough and explained the work that needed to be done in great detail. This made me feel confident in his expertise and in Beach Plumbing as an excellent, family owned company. I have been looking for a "go to" plumbing company and I finally found one. Highly recommended!
Diana Cr
Diana Cr
18:32 23 Sep 23
We had a really great experience with Beach plumbing! Edwin the technician was very professional and very thorough through the process of getting the house re-piped and re drained. My husband and I felt very safe and comfortable with Edwin & his team in our new home & everyone was very friendly and respectful. Overall we had a GREAT experience with Edwin and the whole Beach Plumbing team! The company provided the best tools and support to the field team and made it so easy for us though this disaster.
Jennifer Navarro
Jennifer Navarro
21:01 20 Sep 23
After years of dealing with a root problem in our sewer line and having it regularly “maintenance” Edwin and beach plumbing came, not only unclogged the line but gave us permanent solution using a pipe bursting.Guaranteeing we will never spend another dime on drain problems again. Would definitely recommend Beach Plumbing for your services!
Monica Ocampo
Monica Ocampo
20:15 20 Sep 23
My main line was backed up and after getting a few plumbing companies to come take a look at it Beach Plumbing gave me the best quote and fastest availability. Edwin came out to service the drain. He was very thorough with his work and diagnosis of the situation. We also added a tankless water heater and fixed some work that was done by the previous home owner. All beach plumbing employees that we dealt with were very nice and knowledgeable. Will definitely be calling them back for any plumbing work needed! Thank you beach plumbing team!
Jaylene Chavira
Jaylene Chavira
19:49 20 Sep 23
We've used Beach Plumbing for a few repairs to our home and they have always been up front, honest, and professional. They stand by their quotes and are very responsive. Highly recommend them for plumbing projects!
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier
19:10 19 Dec 22
Hey MatthewThank you for the great work in addressing my situation.You are very professional, neat, thorough, etc.Ken Coombs
Ken Coombs
Ken Coombs
00:48 27 Aug 22
Beach plumbing came to our rescue! Found out that we had a broken sewer line, beach plumbing was very professional, patient and informative about the whole situation. Matthew, Dion and Luis worked tirelessly to repair it immediately. They have a great attention to detail and their customer service is 5 star. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work done. Thank you for helping us!!
carol rodan
carol rodan
19:23 28 Jul 22

Call Us for Drain Repair

Call Us for Drain Repair

Beach Plumbing is proud to have served the residents of Long Beach and Orange County since 1993. Our plumbers pride themselves on their knowledge and skills, which are second to none in our area. This lets them keep up to date with all the technological advances in the plumbing industry.

Besides their technical know-how, our plumbers exhibit open communication, punctuality, and tidiness. The last is especially important, given how messy a plumbing job can be. But for Beach Plumbing‘s plumbers, the only way our customers know they’ve been there is a smoothly working plumbing system.

Don’t Settle for Surface Fixes

When it comes to your plumbing system, superficial solutions can often lead to repeated issues down the line.

Beach Plumbing ensures that every service, from Long Beach drain cleaning to comprehensive repairs, addresses both the aesthetic and the functional aspects of your drains. Let us handle your plumbing emergencies, and experience the peace of mind that comes with thorough, expert service.

If you need drain repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to Beach Plumbing in Long Beach today. We also offer drain repair in Cypress, Carson, Torrance, and Lakewood.

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