Water Heaters Replacement in Cypress, CA

Quit putting up with lukewarm showers or waiting for hot water. When it’s time to replace your aging or faulty water heater, our team at Beach Plumbing has you covered. We provide quick, professional water heater installation and replacement services to homes throughout the area of Cypress, California.

Having access to hot water is a necessity, not a luxury. From morning showers to dishes and laundry, you use your water heater multiple times per day. We understand the hassle of dealing with an underperforming or broken unit. Our technicians will thoroughly assess your current system and recommend the most efficient replacement based on your needs.

Upgrading to a new, energy-efficient model can lower your energy bills while providing reliable performance. We handle every aspect of the job, from permits to installation and haul away of the old unit.

A hot water tank should last you a decade or so in Cypress, CA, but problems can and do pop up before then. It may be time to bring in one of our skilled plumbers if you encounter any of the following problems:

  • Rust-colored water is coming out of your faucets
  • Cold water streams out of hot taps
  • Water is leaking from your tank onto the floor
  • Your water heater emits strange noises or odors

Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

That puddle on the floor near your water heater likely means its time to call in a pro. Leaks often start small but can quickly escalate into major flooding and water damage if left unchecked. Don’t ignore rumbling, strange smells, or moisture around the tank.

The sooner you catch a leak, the better. Turn off the water supply and power to the unit if safe to do so. But some leaks mean the tank needs replacement asap.

Is Your Water Heater Not Lighting?

If your water heater isn’t lighting, don’t panic. There are some simple troubleshooting steps you can try before calling for service. Make sure the pilot light is actually out – older units may need to be relit periodically. Try pressing the reset button if your heater has one.

Double check that the gas to the unit is turned on. However, if the pilot light won’t stay lit, it likely indicates an issue with the thermocouple or gas control valve. Our technicians have tons of experience diagnosing tricky water heater problems. We’ll pinpoint the culprit and make expert repairs so you can enjoy hot water again.

Check us out as a leading source of help in water heaters in and around Cypress, California!

Replacing Your Water Heater in Cypress

Our team will do its best to restore your water heater, but sometimes things are beyond repair. Fortunately, we’ve got your back and will do everything we can to make your water heater replacement as easy as possible.

First, we’ll consult with you about your family’s water usage, plumbing system and budget to identify the best model for your home. We’ll then purchase that water heater on your behalf to eliminate any hassle and headache for you.

We feel it is not in our customers’ best interests to purchase a new water heater themselves. Despite their good intentions, homeowners who don’t have a plumbing background can unintentionally purchase water heaters that are a poor fit for their homes or needs. We promise to work with you to achieve the best outcomes.

Tankless Water Heaters

Many homes in Cypress and across Orange County are great candidates for tankless water heaters. These clever fixtures can dramatically lower your energy bills by only heating water as you need it instead of warming 40 gallons of water or more all day.

Energy efficiency isn’t the only positive for tankless models. Tankless systems are much more compact. Most are about the size of a suitcase and can be mounted on a wall to save space in your home.

Traditional water heaters also pose a greater risk of leaking. Because tankless water heaters aren’t stashing a giant vat of water in a basement or closet, they’re far less likely to lead to damaging leaks.

We’re Here to Help

Our in-house experts can provide you with all of the water heater service you need. If your tank needs repair or if you’d like to learn more about tankless systems, give us a shout. We can help with gas water heater replacement, electric water heater replacement, and even water heater repair in Cypress, CA. We’re always here to help and even offer special Saturday hours!

We can be contacted at 714-312-3783 or through the messaging service on our website. We serve residents in Cypress and surrounding areas.

A Sterling Reputation


Edwin was the best! Our bath tub was draining slowly and we thought it was clogged. Turned out our stopper was a little stuck partially closed which he fixed super fast and didn't even charge! We will use Beach Plumbing in the future and always ask for Edwin!
Sophia and Kyle Rice
Sophia and Kyle Rice
18:44 17 Nov 23
We had a drain back up and Beach Plumbing came out same day. They show great professionalism and respect to their clients and their pricing is reasonable. We will continue to use them for all of our plumbing needs.
Haley Nacca
Haley Nacca
21:06 24 Oct 23
We have had a lot of work done by Beach Plumbing over the last few years, some quite major. Their work has been professional, timely and thorough. We definitely would recommend them for plumbing work, particularly with drains and sewer issues.Stan Castle
Stan & Linda Castle
Stan & Linda Castle
22:34 06 Oct 23
The Technician, Robert, was very thorough and explained the work that needed to be done in great detail. This made me feel confident in his expertise and in Beach Plumbing as an excellent, family owned company. I have been looking for a "go to" plumbing company and I finally found one. Highly recommended!
Diana Cr
Diana Cr
18:32 23 Sep 23
We had a really great experience with Beach plumbing! Edwin the technician was very professional and very thorough through the process of getting the house re-piped and re drained. My husband and I felt very safe and comfortable with Edwin & his team in our new home & everyone was very friendly and respectful. Overall we had a GREAT experience with Edwin and the whole Beach Plumbing team! The company provided the best tools and support to the field team and made it so easy for us though this disaster.
Jennifer Navarro
Jennifer Navarro
21:01 20 Sep 23
We've used Beach Plumbing for a few repairs to our home and they have always been up front, honest, and professional. They stand by their quotes and are very responsive. Highly recommend them for plumbing projects!
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier
19:10 19 Dec 22
Hey MatthewThank you for the great work in addressing my situation.You are very professional, neat, thorough, etc.Ken Coombs
Ken Coombs
Ken Coombs
00:48 27 Aug 22
Beach plumbing came to our rescue! Found out that we had a broken sewer line, beach plumbing was very professional, patient and informative about the whole situation. Matthew, Dion and Luis worked tirelessly to repair it immediately. They have a great attention to detail and their customer service is 5 star. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work done. Thank you for helping us!!
carol rodan
carol rodan
19:23 28 Jul 22
Our water heater broke, and we needed a plumber, fast! After reading several very good reviews about Beach Plumbing, we called to see if they had same day service, what the fee was to assess the issue, etc. To our delight, they said they could be there in two hours and the assessment and estimates were free of charge! Matthew arrived on time and was very personable and professional. Our very old water heater needed to be replaced and Matthew wrote up three options that fell in a variety of price points (e.g. converting to tankless, various tank sizes.) After selecting an option, Matthew left and a few hours later Alberto arrived to do the install. He was just as kind and professional as Matthew. He installed the water heater and came up with a pipping solution that made better use of the space and was far more stable. We highly recommend Beach Plumbing for their customer focus and plumbing abilities.
Marie Quinlan
Marie Quinlan
21:12 24 Jul 22
I’d call Beach Plumbing again without hesitation. Very pleased with their service.• Professional, personable, and did the job well• Quick response time and arrived when they said they would• Provided full explanations as work progressed and kept us informed at every step• An unforeseen issue came up and they addressed it with an excellent solution and no extra charge.
Suzanne Quinlan
Suzanne Quinlan
03:37 19 Jul 22